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Anyone is Melbourne has an old set of OEM struts for non-4WS 2nd gen MX-6 lying around? I would appreciate it if I can have a close look at the set to compare to mine.


I don't own an MX-6, but I have the Eunos 500 (2 liter V6 - KF-01) sedan. It is based on the same GE platform as the MX-6 and 626. The problem is, no one seems to make replacement struts for the 500, I have checked with Kayaba. However, there seems to be plenty of choices for the 2nd Gen MX-6 and GE 626 (coincidentally, these models plus the Ford Probe shares the same strut models). I am curious if these struts will actually fit my car, since the platform is the same.

Mazda wants $550 PER STRUT for OEM replacement, and I can only get Koni Red or imported Bilstein inserts as an aftermarket alternative.

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