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Anyone know who this could have been?

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Couple of days ago.. watching an Australian Motorway Cops program on the TV..

A wagon had lost a wheel, which had hit 2 cars...
One of them was a silver 6, had J-Spec type lights and fogs...

The wagon had just been serviced, but all the wheel nuts were loose !

The program was about 2 years old...

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Wasn't the New Zealand show was it?

Alot of J-spec stuff appears there.
Thinking about it.. it could have been...
I didn't catch the beginning of the show.. did see 2006 flash up though.

Yep..would have been the NZ show...

BTW: Still have the door sills...all polished up :)
BTW: Still have the door sills...all polished up :)
Ah yes... the rocking horse poo !

Glad you like them..

you can tell by there accent bru.
that show is quite amusing at times.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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