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Anyone need 4ws parts?

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I might be getting rid of all my spare 4ws parts later this month. Im curious if anyone would be interested in purchasing any of these particular parts if I do so (like to know ahead of time if it will be worth it to just keep them in storage or not)

What I have:

Control box
Timer unit
Rear rack with good piping
2 good endlinks
Rear stabilizer arms
rear swaybar
transfer shaft
rear bushings

Only thing I wish I would have grabbed was the front rack/pump:(
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Id be interested in the control box and relay/timer if they are in working condition and the price is reasonable...Ive been asking you about these for a while now...
It was late, I forgot that the timer, when I get it tested, is meant for another member.
I might be interested in the rear rack and pipes, even tho shipping would be killer to norway its still cheaper than getting a new one...
It was late, I forgot that the timer, when I get it tested, is meant for another member.
What about the control unit??
How much for the transfer shaft?
He's banned in case you didnt notice....on top of that, all these parts are sitting in my storage garage....:)
how do you get banned?
Oh, Nice creation by the way. Beautiful job assembling. If you come across another shaft... I believe thats all I need :(
Whats wrong with yours?

BTW, still not sure why he got banned....couldnt ever get a straight answer from anybody....
I have a 89 Mazda MX-6 GT AWS.... so thats the car. Problem is I DO have the rear gear box, the front actuator, and the brain box. As far as I know all I need is that special center shaft. And the previous owner of this vehicle was a [email protected]$$ and didnt cap off the hard lines. They were so corroded and rusty I had to take the undercarriage tray off and totally cut the lines back and cap them off properly. So the lines are an easy fix. Every time I turned it would spray P/S fluid on my exhaust, STINKY! oh, and obviously i have the split gas tank...
I havent got any money as of right now. Being a "stay at home dad" has its perks, but the cash flow really sucks. When I get some dough I will definitely hit you up if you still have it! :(
I could need a new 4ws PS pump, mine doesnt like the cold much (makes noises when turning on cold oil - stops doing that after a few minutes tho)...

I've got a problem with 4WS - I put new pipes and the last thing, which is bad, is the "steering ratio sensor" (on the picture). Could you tell me is it possible to get in used or new or what's the number in Mazda parts catalog? Maybe you have all the rear rack? How much is it? I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.
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