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Anyone with 17x7 rims and a 35 offset? What tire size/brands fit/don't fit??

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Looking at some Nexen tires, but anything that's cheap/good will do.

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i have 17x7 40+ offset 215/40 and lowered on eibach springs. used to be lowered on intrax springs no rubbing on either. 90 mazda mx6 gt
Get some Federal SS tires Jason. Best bang for your dollar :)
I think I had the SS595's on my Jetta VR6, I was actually pretty pleased with them. I think I could get the nexen's cheaper though.

Warrior tires were on the mx6 when I bought her, will NEVER use them again. They had no wet traction at all, I was actually scared to drive the car in the rain.
Hard to beat these prices, and if you can, let me know!

Federal Tires SS-595
tires online @ cheap passenger tires, summer tires, winter tires and tire dealer. Better prices, MUCH cheaper shipping.

And I can get the Nexen for a buck per tire more than the Federal, and it's an all season where the Federal I think is a summer only.

Plus, they'll ship to an installer of your choice =)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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