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Please, I am only opening this to get people to act and send messages. I do not have access to these so do not ask how much and when because no one has a clue as to that stuff. Now with that out of the way here is the letter I sent out:


Dear APC,

When are you guys gonna make the Altezza Lights for the '93+ Mazda MX-6? I don't know how many people have actually mailed you guys (and/or gals), but anytime some one types in a post about Altezza Clear Tails at it's pure gold and is the fastest growing thread on the board. Please do not think because they are not civics and there are not billions of them customized that we are not interested. Many people are doing Supra Taillight conversions and the like, and you know if possible many people would go with the cheapest easiest quickest thing: MX6 Altezzas from APC :). We are a group of people who want to customize and have to go really expensive due to corporations over looking the aftermarket value of an MX6. Also do you think it would be too much to ask that you check into generation 2 projectors for our cars? 750$ +custom installation work is a little steep to get the Jspec projectors that everyone is installing. I would be priveleged and very happy to relate any info you give me to the MX6 community via the message board. But please do not jerk us around we really want those altezzas.

Thank you for your time,
Dustin Mankin

Now if more people are willing to write similar letters, I am thinking we can get somthing done, and I really want these. To those of you that think they are ugly or cheap looking, don't send smart mouthed replies this is for people that really want them. Let's not turn this into a "shit talkers" thread.

So please write similar letters so we can get something done. We don't have civics, so we are never gonna have the oppertunity to get things handed to us on a silver platter, WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Together we can do it. So get to it and start writing emails, calling, writing snail mails; Whatever it takes.

Ok I'm done, someone else can have the soapbox now. :)
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