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Arospeed mufflers, what do you guys know about them. i was looking at maybe the Zigen Style one. the muffler has a 4.5in tip on it and it is an oval shape. with an angled tip. i want to put 2.5in pipe on it and a resonator.

can some one tell me about glasspacks, i have one laying around the house and my brother has one on his 240 and it sounds really good, i mean not as the muffler but around the pipe to make it not that loud. he has some japanesse brand muffler.

thanks later

I have an Arospeed muff. I like it, it seems to be well made. It's pretty loud, but the stock resonator should keep it down. I had custom tubing done and initially had no resonator, and it was pretty obnoxious. I put in a glasspack as a resonator and it didn't make it quieter, but it made it a lot smoother. I would recommend putting in a glasspack in addition to the resonator already in there.
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