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Well after searching through most of the post's to do with people wanting to get ARP head studs, and having to either peice together kits, that need to be cut or modified in some way. I think I may have the soloution.

I work at a speed shop in Canada and we deal direct with ARP. They are willing to make kits for the KL engine's, if we can have 10 people intrested. I already know of 2 people who are for sure in, but I would need at least 8 more people to get the kits made. (Not limited to 8) This is a must for people with copper head gaskets.

I just want to make sure there is enough intrest in this before I go ahead and make an "official bulk buy".

The price of the kits would be $265 US and would take about two weeks to be made and shipped.

If you are seriously intrested in getting a kit, please email me at [email protected]

Later 1SICKMX6!
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