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This is just an FYI for those interested and an update on progress so Far.
This is not a BB or a feeler.

Some of you may know that recently a BB was attempted in order to obtain those illusive Studs for our engine builds. We all know what happened so i don't need to go into details here.

Anyway I have kept in touch with the Reps at ARP and they have also been watching interest on this forum and reading the relevant posts.

The end result now is that ARP having seen the interest have decided to do there own R & D and assign a part number to the end result.

This is a long process so do not expect anything before xmas . They will obtain a KL Block/Heads & Cams and do there own in-house testing and fitting to obtain a fully working stud kit.

If you are interested and would like to be kept informed then email me your contact details. "Name & Probetalk Nick and maybe a little about your intended application"" to [email protected].

There is no pricing at this stage and will not be until ARP complete the R & D side, This will benefit all of us as it will then give us a part number and will be a stocked item. I will also post this information in other forums eventually but feel free to let your friends know.

OP's if i have posted in the wrong area again can you let me know and move accordingly.

Thanks everyone

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Good to know!!!

Kit number is 218-4704, which contains the studs, nuts and washers and they are available now apparently. Although when i rang a moment ago they advised no stock yet. Could be a computer thing.

Standard pricing for those of us without an account was quoted at USD$298.55
Now if a vendor with an account at ARP can follow this up and do a bulk buy with a better price speak up now please.

I have posted on Probetalk as well so hopefully between the two sites someone may run a BB for us
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