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AT F2T into AV N/A Wiring problems.

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Well as the title suggests I have swapped an F2T from an AT into my AV TX5 and I have also used the AT engine harness, but, the AV chassis harness has one connector that is puzzeling me. This connector is located on the passenger side neer the fire wall. The AT has a 6 pin connecter and the AV has an 8 pin, but only 6 of the 8 pins are used. Can anyone who has done this before tell me what wires to connect? Will I need to put a relay in there because I am under the assumption that the AV thermo fan uses a ground switch, where as the AT uses a switch on the positive?

Also im not quite sure if its related, but, the fuel pump isnt turning on and the coil isnt firing. Any ideas?

Oh and one last problem. When I put the key 2 the on position a buzzer would go off, but, would stop when I opened the throttle, so I unplugged the TPS and it went away, so I have put the one from my old motor on and when I hooked it up the buzzer went off again. I was 95% sure that the one I put on was good, what could be causing this alarm?
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Brent, I just looked at the wagon. I have a GD1021 engine look in the GV1124. Mosdt likely will be different, but it might give you some ideas.

There are only 4 wires I have connected on the plug on the on the passenger side strut tower.

Brown wire, red stripe - Goes to Brown wire, red stripe
White wire, red stripe - Goes to White wire, red stripe
Red wire/ black stripe - Goes to Red wire/ black stripe
Blue wire, Black stripe - Goes to Blue wire, Black stripe

The others I did not connect.

Similar thing applies when looking at the plug under the dash that the engine loom plugs into.

Brown with red stripe - Brown with red stripe
White with Yellow stripe - White with Yellow stripe
White with Green Stripe - White with Green Stripe
Black with Yellow stripe - White with Green Stripe
Black with White stripe - Black with White stripe

The only ones which are different are these:

Black with red stripe - Black with yellow stripe
Yellow with black stripe - 2 x yellow with black stripe

The rest of the wires, I didn't use. I have no issues with it what so ever.
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Connect all wires on engine loom to 12v, disconnect 1 by one until the car stalls. Then you know which wires need power!
yer that is a good idea Jesse but the car doesnt actually run. Im going to try putting more fuel in it tonight.

Thats very helpful thanks Scott. Im pretty sure all of the plugs under the dash just pluged straight in, but, the more I think about it there might be one that isnt pluged into anything because there were no more female clips. I will go and check that out when I get a chance.

Im also not getting 12v at the fuel pump when the fuel pump test connector is ground. The relay is plugged in and something clicks (sounds like a relay) when I ground the connector, but, there is still not 12v at the pump. Is there a fuse or something that will affect the fuel pumps opperation?
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