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than the one you guys talk about a lot from pepboys

When I told my mechanic about the 44.00 $$ tranny cooler from pepboys (forget who makes it right now)

His response was - "I wouldnt put anything from pepboys into my car"

He then told me about a tranny cooler from Earl's Performance

Its a LOT more expensive than the pepboys one - About 150.00 $
but its a far superior product in his opinion

Get the one with 13 rows of coils - that is also 4 inches high

this way the cooler will really do a good job of filling the opening / gap in your front bumper

If you notice that gap is only about 3 or 4 inches -so having a very tall cooler is a bit of a waste - you want it to come into as much contact with the incoming air as possible (obviously)
Also this size from Earls is much wider from left to right than the square shaped one from pepboys (why am I spacing on the name of that one!?)
anyway - the coils will have much more contact with incoming air

Its much thicker than the model available at pepboys though - so you need to buy a bracket device to install it - also through Earl's

see earls performance . com for more info or do a online search -
talk to your mechanic whatever

just thought I'd share this info with u
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