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im buying a mx6 today and im getting it dirt cheap....... its been checked over by a mech and im told its totally mechanicly good SO the fact its stuck in 3rd is an electrical fault apparently (basicly the dealer thats givin me the car has given up on it cos hes spent £100's and had no joy).....naybody know any common reasons for this fault to save me £100's aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ATX stuck in 3rd gear

The ATX on an MX-6 is electronically controlled, so it could be an electrical problem. However, the amount of work a DIY mechanic can do on a defective ATX is very limited. Most gearbox MTX or ATX problems are solved simply by fitting an exchange unit.

I'd only deal with this vehicle if the seller is willing to knock the likely cost of ATX replacement off the value of the car.

Automatic MX-6's are worth seeking out. I've just got one, and it's supersonic.

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