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atx to mtx conversion for 2nd gen mx6 ls v6

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I picked up a 1995 mx6 ls with a 5spd. I would like to sell a 5spd conversion kit to someone. Kit would include the transmission, axles, int. shaft, shift linkage, shift boot, shift knob, clutch slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder, brake master cylinder with resv., pedals, switches, brackets, ecu, bolts, mounts, flywheel, used clutch disc and pplate. I don't have the wiring harness (already sold and MOST people don't replace them anyway, the gauge pack which I already sold, and the snap ring that holds the shift lever in place - also sold, but that should be readily available from your local napa or whatever). I am willing to ship, but shipping isn't cheap (3 fairly large/heavy packages - it costs approx. $80 just to ship the tranny and you are looking at about $150 - $175 just for shipping as a total shipping price). Would like to get $600 plus shipping and I am willing to consider some trades ( I have a son that would love an ipod touch for x-mas ;)). The car pictured below is the one that the parts are coming out of. It shows 184k on the odometer and the prior owner drove it 8 hours one way to deliver it to me without any problems.
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hey hughes um i need this bad, funny as i was just looking at buying a car just for this.
pm me about a little better price since i live in northern IL so its only a state over. to bad i dont have a touch tho. like i said pm we can see wat we can do.
do you have the conversion kit for a 1995 2.0L 4cyl ? if so what would you charge for it.
pm me with info
wow talk about bumping an old thread....

cookie, if you're looking for 2.0 MTX swap parts, i'd recommend posting in the "want to buy" section.
cookie32506 - I don't have one for a 2.0. The only thing I could do is sell you everything to convert your car to a v6 with a 5spd..... However, unless you are willing to drive up to MN to pick it all up, shipping prices would kill any deal we would make. If you ARE willing to drive up here, pm me.

Mazda_Powered - It is an old thread and I thought I had closed it, which is what I'll do now.
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