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Seeings how its so hard to find places with any expertize in tricking up the mx.

i think we should put together a list of venues where we as owners have had work done and have been pleased with both the skill and attitude...
1 thing though im not talking bout oil changes or places that you work!!
Grrr no self promotions unless of course they are relevant.

my exp. so far is..

dandy rd, springvale rd corner.
only place for car elec,
got a dual pole switch for my AIT mod there,
after being supplied the wrong 1 twice by ****smith,
"****smith kinda people" my ASS

Fedral Performance in Sydney
I ordered my kit here..
lotsa pip marks but wasn't warped in any way,
i was happy with it but the installer has been bitchin bout it constantly!

ill post more details after i pick her up?!

c'mon guys get into it... post away

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Mr Smith

I like how our illustrious business tycoon lost his given name there!

I'm having a real hard time trying to find ANYONE in Melbourne willing to work on the Mx-6. I'm not in anyway inclined to do the work myself so I'm looking for a shop. The "Supposed" Mazdaspeed distributor for Australia is a "Baked Enamel Shop" with a guy who used to work as a mechanic at Mazda! He wasn't real interested - saying bascially the cars great as it is - any perf. gains are trivial and not cost effective!

I'd really like to find a mechanic who "likes to work" on MX6s.


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I own a 1st gen. mx-6 and always take it for mechanical repairs to a Mazda dealer. Sure they charge like a wounded bull, but I have had nothing but bad experiences else where.
Example; Mazcare Brisbane. I left them with the task of replacing the clutch and fixing the master cylinder. Which they did, but I had to take it back to them twice because the work was done badly. After checking with Mazda after the event, it would have cost me the same to take it to them.
If anyone knows any better in the Brisbane area I'd give them a go.
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