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Autocross club hopes to land at SM airport

By Anita Miller
News Editor

San Marcos — An Austin-based autocross club hopes to be starting its engines at San Marcos Municipal Airport soon, and to help accomplish that, they’ll be making a pit stop at City Council on Tuesday.

The Texas Spokes Sports Car Club says it will pay $1,500 a month for one event each month at a portion of the airport that is little used.

“That equals $18,000 a year which will make a huge dent in my grounds maintenance costs,” said Airport Manager Scott Gallagher. “(The money) will stay at the airport to help us take care of the airport and sustain it.”

According to its president Rick Martinez, the club was founded in 1951.

“Our primary reason for existence is holding and supporting autocross events,” which are defined as “a low speed motor sport that emphasizes a driver’s car control skills on a closed course,” he said.

Gallagher said the club would be using 60 acres of “parking apron” located near the Commemorative Air Force Hangar and that according to the FAA, it’s legal to close portions of airports for special events.

“It’s a day long event. They set up their cones and do their course. They’re going to buy food from the cafe here so that’s a source of revenue for him, and a source of revenue for the airport.”

Martinez said the timed races are divided into classes “based on the type of car and modifications” done to it. Participating cars are everything from “grocery getters all the way up to modified and purpose built race cars.”

Racers can participate as young as 16 with a parent’s permission, so long as they have a valid drivers license, Martinez said.

“There’s lots of turns,” he said of the course involving cones or pylons. “They get going up to about 60 mph but most of it is based on how well you can maneuver your car through the cones. It’s a lot of fun.”

Martinez said he will make his case to City Council personally. “If it works out with the airport it will be a very suitable venue for us.”

Said Gallagher, “It would provide a revenue stream and take advantage of an asset we’re not really using.”

The council meeting begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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looks like it may be a go. though there may be some other local areas to run I dont know any just wanted to throw this out there for Texas members.
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