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Australian Top Gear

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I think it is absolute crap! Just a poor copy of UK Top Gear. I didnt think it would be any good. What did you guys think
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yeah i didnt really like it, just a bunch of try hard wannabees.
whens it on?
missed it

by what angle was it bad? muscle heads? ricers?
i didnt like the young guy.. voice was annoying. and there wasnt anything that was special about the show. their attempts at jokes left something to be desired too. i dno.. maybe coz its in its early stages n their not at ease yet with each other and the audience.:shrug: hopefully it will improve.
well im a massive TG fan , have all the uk eps, have re-watched them a million times. And to be honest, this lot arnt that bad

re-watch season 1 and 2 of TG, its seriously shit, this lot didnt do that bad a job for the first ep, and some of the coming stuff this season looks pretty good, it wont be clarkson hammond and may from ep 1, but ill deff keep watching, cause they will improve as they, as mentioned above, ease into the show more

those who dont like it, id give it more of a chance before you completly dismiss it (or who dismissed it before they had even viewed it...)
Likewise with Fizzy. Give it a while - it has the this stage the presenters are not naturals, it is clear that they are trying hard with enthusiasm.

Besides that I learnt during the commercial break that my sump will explode if I do not use Castol Edge.
I missed it but I did not need to watch.

I knew some people would find it a bit poor. But as said if you watch original top gear or the later versions or if you have ever ever seen some of the 80's versions.

Look IMO it would better with some personality people on it.


lack of population.
See in the UK or US you only need 10% of the market to return a large sum of profit. Or make something viable.
Here in Aus you need easy min 20% if not 30%.
I personally think the Hosts ( removing my personal relationships with one of them) Best they could do.

You see if they put on say let say they had oh lets say a former editor of a magazine like Motor/ street machines / hot 4's/ fast fours etc. Not name names but say this person have a recoord like ME or some others.
It's too easily attacked by the SENSIBLES of todays world.

Remember when Advertisments had UTES doing burnouts - But now NO MORE.

one presenter goes over the limit and I garrentee a rival network will problery Hang that person to NON watches who rank in the 50%plus veiwers.

SO do your self a favour and Watch it support it.
Fight back the sensibles, god loving and Whinging bastards that are trying to turn us in to robots and let us be humans !
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I guess you guys are right i also have all of the uk top gear and the first season isnt that great, i will keep watching and hope it gets better
The Australian version doesn't critasize the cars, like whats good/bad about each and a strong comparison.
The Stig is soo obviously a different guy and seems to allot worse than the UK stig. Then the camera work on the track is shit to say the least.

IMO the show is full of dicks, being umm err arr dicks. :)
different. i must say. hated it, but i am comparing it to the UK topgear (which is pure god.) so, maybe im being little harsh, but it was shit.

(knew the GTR would beat the 911)
Hey Stoof, Looks like the Probe people are talking about the Aussie Top Gear too. I found this on lol

Top Gear Australia - Forums
i dont think their try hard wanabees.. their all from selected automotive backgrounds, combined to make a single team. i feel warren would have the best presenting skills due to his previous television documentaries.. i do feel though that it was a complete blueprint of the uk version.. but hey.. when you buy a franchise what do you expect.
When they were looking for the presenters they said they didnt want another Richard, James and Jeremy but they have a younger guy who is snappy and makes jokes, a guy that is just a bit off and different to the other guys and drives slow and an old bloke that thinks he is the king :shrug: but don't get me wrong i think the group on UK TG is a perfect mis-match
wait for ther budget to get bigger, the uk version got better as the budget got bigger.
I thought it was pretty average at best. The track was hell dodgy and agreed, the film crew are completely useless. But I do have to agree with Fitzy. Im like him. Top Gear UK is my passion lol. But the first season was crapola. Give the boys a chance and they might improve in their own ways.
We must remember, the TG UK dudes have been doing it for 11 seasons, or almost 6 years now. I must admit though. TGUK film crew is like nothing else ive seen. They are absolutely fantastic. Damn hard to find anyone with that kinda tallent. I mean they make a Daewoo Lacetti look exciting. LOL
the uk version has actually been going for about 15 years. In the beginning it started with clarkson and tiff neddel, they had a fall out and so began 5th gear and top gear.
actually top gear started in 1977, clarkson joined later in 1988.
LOL, fuck, I wish i was around to see that just to laugh at them, if not with them!

It couldn't be better than 5th gear. A copy is a copy to some extent, and top gear is bloody good.
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