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Auto to Manual Conversation for MX6 Turbo

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Auto to Manual Conversion for MX6 Turbo?

Hey all just wondering if anyone could help me out.

I've posted in the Australian part to get an australian price and to find out if anyone has for sale a manual gearbox.

Here is my dilema!
I have a real neat immaculate MX6 Turbo lined up to buy except theres one problem, I really want a manual. This car is auto and its pretty much too good to miss because its got heaps of parts upgraded like new turbo, cooling hoses, heaps of rego, new tyres etc but I want a manual and this one also has alright klms...

Does anyone know how much it would cost to convert - If its pretty cheap I will convert otherwise I'll have to seriously think about what I will do!

Thanks Heaps

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Auto to Manual Conversation for MX6 Turbo?
Does that mean just talking about it??:D
Sorry couldn't resist. No info here, just an idiot taking the pi55.
Ah, I have converted a Magna from auto to manual, and it was a bit of a bitch. It had different wiring looms, ECU's, needed to cut holes in the firewall for the selecter cables, different plastic mouldings on the inside, etc....

I suggest that if you got the local mechanic to do it, you would be looking at $2k for labour alone. You could probably sell the auto box for about $700+ But like I said before, it is not simply the gearbox you need, its all the fiddly things that will make it too expensive.

But, I could be wrong!
Thanks for the info. I'm just after the price of the gearbox etc because getting it in is no problem, my dad can do that for me its just I need a rough estimate for the costs to see if its worth it?

Ok, if you have someone who can do the labour for you, then it might work out ok. Unfortunately, I have only had my 6 for a couple of months so I don't know the differences between an auto & manual.... even though I've got both in my house.

I would do a bit of research before I start buying anything though. You'll need at least :

Clutch / cables, etc....
Gearstick / selecter cables etc
Plastic moulding around the gearstick
Foot pedals etc

If this car is anything like the Magna, you'll need to look at how the reverse lights work, because they can be completely different. Also, if the auto has a computer and a seperate wiring loom, or if it is combined with the ECU's wiring loom. If it is combined then you'll need a manual ECU wiring loom.

Good luck.

Out of curiousity how much are you paying for the auto mx6? You really might be better waiting for a manual to come along in the same condition.
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Hey Turbo Chick

I'm actually going to do the conversion very soon and have been quoted $650 for ALL the parts.

Then I'd pay an extra $300 for the recondition and another $600 for the labour.

So all up, I'm looking at $1600 approx. In my eyes, that's pretty darn good considering it's a conversion AND rebuild!!

The guy who's doing it, I'll swear on his work! So you can imagine the little debate I'm having with myself. Whether I do the gearbox conversion or engine conversion! hehehe

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Yeah I estimated it would be somewhere around 500 for the parts etc although how easy is it to find all these parts? Being that i'm in Tassie it limits everything and subsequently costs to get stuff here etc...

For sure though i'll fully research it before converting or yet buying the car... The car is for sale for 7000 (not advertised to public yet) so I really have to decide what I want to do before he advertises it because I reckon it will be sold fairly quick. The MX6 has had a bit spent on it in upgrades etc and i'm sure it wouldn't need anything fixing for a good few years as they guy has already done it. Maybe I am better off waiting for a possible same immaculate car but just as a manual... I just can't help myself though, i'm one of them people who see something and want it straight away - I haven't seen this car yet but we have one down here in Tassie for sale thats a manual and is in the best condition ever but its through MAZDA so you can imagine the price - a hefty 10 000 which is just stupid! I test drove it and everything and i'm in love with them already. Saturday just gone I also travelled down south of tassie and drove an auto mx6 that's for sale for 5950 but it was on its last legs. I will say though that I sure did notice the power between an auto and a manual.

So in the long run it is probably better if I do wait for a better one but I don't want to :( I want one now... I could go through the tradingpost and look all over Australia but I don't want to have to travel everywhere to find the right one. This car is in Sydney and that's probably my limit to traveling because then i'd have to put klms on the car just trying to get it to melbourne to get it home on the Spirit.

So if anyone knows of any immaculate Manual MX6s for sale around victoria let me know :)

Thanks heaps for the info - I'm still considering it - i'll never make up my mind LoL and it'll always be the wrong decision that I make - but hey that's life!
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There are a few things to consider when changing over.

The reason I went for auto in the first place is because I have a crushed disc and sometimes suffer from partial paralysis of my left leg. Not too good for changing gears in peak hour traffic. But lately I haven't been experiencing that much, so I've been contemplating the manual.

I guess here, I'd have to also consider the stop/start wear on the clutch and box because I drive in peak hour traffic. I can't imagine it being too bad in tassie, so that may not be a problem to you.

Now for the street racer in me, I find having an auto an advantage. You're always on boost during gear changes!! hehehee, gives me that extra little leeway when dragging against r33's and 180's. But my gearbox hates me for that. I've had it reconditioned 3 times since February. What I am considering though is getting a shift kit installed. Apparently this fixes the faults Mazda left behind and strengthens to box. Trust me, yeh you might feel a slight difference between auto and manual, but hey the sludge box ain't that bad! hehehe :)

Parts are pretty much abundant, so you'd have no problems finding them. Email me for details of that.

I'm pretty sure you can find a nice example for sale in VIC?? I'll keep an eye out on the trading post for you if you want?? I'm sure a few others here will as well. As soon as I see one I'll PM you the details.

In the meantime, good luck with your search. A word of warning. The car is addictive I tell you!! hehehe. I saw mine in the lot, said I want to test drive it, 20 mins later I drove away in my car! hehehe. Talk about impulsive! But I'll never look back.

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THe conversion is not hard
but it will depend on Cost with gearbox if it's a rebuild gearbox or used stocker

by this time most have worn syncro's and gears in the diff

The Auto on the other hand can be rebuild many times I have done 4 within 20,000k's But with both it's the diff is the weak point.

If you really want a manual try and find one, It's alot easier and you don't loose things like Cruise control and so forth. You cna fix the cruise but it does requirea new ECU - ETC
Plus 4WS I think can also play up due to different speedo cable readings

ON the auto ZAKO shift kits dont' do much in terms of making it reliable once you fix the diff it's the Clutches in side the lock up torque converter start to eat ot quickly and foul things up the best is to use a 3000rpm stall converter (still get good economey) Toughend /kevlar bands and good rebuild and it shoudl hold out for 350HP Flywheel any more start chucking in Trimatic gear sets
In fact the only one I have seen with tri-matic gear sets is a 626 hatch with 207Kw's front wheels.
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Zako yeah I have a few back problems because of Gymnastics and still being a gymnastics coach after work and sitting at a desk all day doesn't help but it doesn't restrict me in my driving thankgod. My preference is a manual for a numerous amount of reasons and they bring out some wicked sounds with coolers, BOVs etc... lol

The more I talk about it the more I get confused on what I should do! I would really appreciate it Zako if you would keep your eye out on MX6s for me.

I think though that I am leaning towards a manual one - there are a few in the trading post but I really don't want to have to drive up there just to look at them and find they are pieces of s**t or something like that. I sorta wanna know if its worth going up there etc otherwise i'm just chucking hundreds of dollars down the drain to get there to look at them... Thats another one of my situations (Darn Tasmania!)
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I have an auto as well which I have always wanted to convert to manual but I have been detered when I think of all the things it involves. It sounds like it will almost cost the price of another 6' just to get it converted. I think for now I'll stick with T and enjoy the ride it offers....
rodhog! You're a legend!!

That's the name i was looking for!! STALL CONVERTER!!!

Dusty and Anton man, this is what I was rambling about all night the other time!! hahahahahahahhaha

I'm still unfamiliar with how they work, so I'm gonna do some reading now. Might be worth considering if it costs less! Wait a minute. Is this the same as the torque converter????

Does anyone have any recommendations of good places here in VIC??? This may fix my problem!
New topic for Auto ZAKO
i have pedeal is u want

i have manual pedel box if u wat it
im in geelong make me an offer if ur r keen
Converting an automatic transmission to a manual transmission in an MX6 Turbo typically involves several steps:
  1. Acquire necessary parts: This includes a manual transmission, clutch pedal assembly, manual driveshaft, manual transmission mount, manual transmission crossmember, shifter linkage, clutch master cylinder, and slave cylinder.
  2. Remove the automatic transmission: This involves draining the fluid, disconnecting the shift linkage and electrical connectors, and unbolting the transmission from the engine.
  3. Install the manual transmission: The manual transmission is bolted to the engine using the proper bolts and a new clutch.
  4. Install the clutch pedal assembly: This involves drilling a hole in the firewall for the clutch pedal and mounting the assembly to the firewall.
  5. Install the driveshaft, transmission mount, and crossmember: These components are installed using the appropriate bolts and hardware.
  6. Install the shifter linkage, clutch master cylinder, and slave cylinder: These components are installed and adjusted to ensure proper operation.
It is important to follow a detailed guide or seek professional help when performing a conversion like this to ensure proper installation and functionality.
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