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Autocross in Pocatello Videos

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If you haven't seen my thread here:
I forgive you :p Anyway, Sept 26th-28th me and Ryan drove up to Pocatello, ID for the SCCA Octoberfast. Friday afternoon was just practice runs, then on Saturday I ran a new course 4 times one way, then 3 times the opposite direction. Same deal on Sunday, new course and 4 runs one way, 4 the other.

YouTube - MX-6 GT Alita in Pocatello Day 1

Sunday (these videos have a lot better sound since it's not so windy):
YouTube - MX-6 GT Alita in Pocatello Day 2 Part 1

YouTube - MX-6 GT Alita in Pocatello Day 2 Part 2

These don't have all my runs, but they're probably the most exciting ones that could have been recorded. If there was one thing I could have changed, it would be unplugging my boost controller sooner, and lowering the pressure in my tires so the rear wouldn't be so squirrelly. Ahh well, it makes me eager to get better suspension!
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