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Bad distributor, ECU, or...?

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I have a '93 with a 2.0L and ATX. It has taken to stalling at low RPMs shortly after it has warmed up. I have always been able to restart it and can keep it going by keeping the RPMs above about 1500.

When it stalls, the tach drops to zero and the check engine light comes on, but it doesn't store any codes in the ECU. Also, the fan comes on as (or just after) it stalls.

Could this be the distributor? I'm on my third. When the others died, they went all at once on the highway, and were completely dead. What would make the fan come on at the same time? A bad ECU or something else?

Appreciate any ideas anyone has. Thanks.
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Bad ECU and it probably wouldnt start in the first place. Have you changed/removed/messed with any cavuum lines recently?
Thanks, but I don't think it is vacuum related. I haven't touched any of the lines.

I think it is electical. I checked the coolant sensors and they are ok. When I went to reset the ECU, however, a relay kept clicking on and off while it was in diagnostic mode. Ususally you hear one single click before the codes start flashing out. It seems either this relay is bad, or it's not getting a constant voltage to stay on.

Anyone know which relay this is? (I am thinking it might be the main relay.) Thanks.
Keep in mind that not having touched any of the lines could be the problem, one of them may need to be replaced.
Reason I asked about the lines, is that I too have a 93 i4 ATX, and the exact symptoms you descroibed occured when I re-connected my EGR main line(it had been unhooked for possibly years). When I removed it later, it did the exact same thing while the ECU compensated for the change in the system. You may have a leak causing it to continously give you your problem
Thanks for the info. I haven't checked the EGR system yet, but I will. Perhaps the valve is opening at low RPM, when it shouldn't be, causing the stall.

check your valve cover gaskets if the oil leaks out the the sparkplugs, had similar problems and im on the verge of fixing it, it did cause my 93 to idle really roughly cuz i have the 3 rear sparkplugs soaked in oil...
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