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Hey, here's some of the horrible things that have burdened my car lately.

So I noticed my coolant was boiling up like a kettle but water temps were okay. I figured exhaust gas was entering the radiator hoses causing a chemical reaction and boiling up all my coolant as well as not allowing my hoses to preasurize. I'll change the thermostat nup no good. One day coolant started spewing from my exhaust, joyous. Sure enough, checking the filler cap and finding milky oil confirmed I had blown a head gasket on my beloved car.

Mechanic said the head had in fact cracked and a full reco was needed. Two long weeks later I got the car back and was slowly running in the new head. after a nice cruise I parked the car and a puddle of transmission fluid was underneath the car.. drained my life.. my trans cooler line had ruptured and I had to cut it off and clamp it back in.

Cars well now :)
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