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so through out the lives of my 3 mx6's i have seen my share of diff balljoints.

the welded types, the pressed oem ones, BUT which ones have you guys used that was reliable and lasted.

car was gunna be sold but decided to completely fix her up.

thanks for any input.

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I've heard about needing to weld aftermarket ball joints.

However, I've only changed ball joints twice, once on a 1g, once on a 2g.. neither required welding and neither "knocked".
im using the pressed oem ones since i bought a whole complete set of lower control arms. fresh evrything and so far so good. also, ive been using it on my 95 ls... bought the set from the same place... and its been on there for 3.xx years and its still super solid. hope that helps.
Where did you guy your LCA?
email this guy. or call, 905 470 5967. hes based in toronto. ships fed ex 3 day shipping. 125$ shipped for both. parts made by chasis select. great parts and super great guy too...
Sweet, thanks!
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