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been hit.......... bumper allignment?

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Hey guys ,

so just liek the big idiot he is my brother backed into my car about two weeks ago... yes the day before i left for school.

anyways he hit my car with the trailer when we were working. there is no real damge. i mean there are two 1 inch thick kind of marks but nothing i cant live with i mean id much rather deal with some of the rust that keeps poopping up before the half dents.

umm but when i went back for the weekend i did notice taht the bumpers allignment had been kind of pushed into the car a bit... and the lonce seemless line between it and the hood. is no longer so beautiful and seemless but catches my eye everytime i look at it..

long story short just need some advice on how i could go about trying to re- implement the old state of my bumper... akaa where are the bolts and how is the best way to allign it.

thanks in advance guys
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something similar happened to my bumper. i talked to a body guy i know and he said if it is just the bumper that heating it up with a hairdryer or similar might actually let it return to its normal position but the support of the bumper might have gotten missaligned so... not sure if that will work but just some advice that was given to me :shrug:
take off the plastic covers where the hood latch is, and look at the bar that the bumper is attatched to , it should be straight, if it isnt, take it out and straighten it up, this is also a good time to check if the plastic tabs holding the bumper to that bar are broken or not.
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thanks guys. i will def be checking this out..
and ya i heard about the hair dryer trick tooo.
all things that ima try
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