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first time posting, my searching has bought me here, looking for the answer to an engine swap I'm trying to do on a Mazda B2500 WL-T lots of searches led back to this forum, quite alot of talk about bell housing patterns

My B2500 has the gearbox with a removable bell housing, the same (I think I've got this right) as found in RX7's and Bongo's (I think this gearbox has the "R" designation but stuck into google its mainly useless) it seems this box was fitted to alot of Mazda stuff as far as looks of the outta casing goes...

I have found a post written about the Duratec engines, that says Mazda F petrol engines and R diesel engines have the same block as the L-series (duratec engines)

""""""" L-engines (or all engines of the same family) are all identical on the outside, more or less, with bolt bosses, head patterns and bell patterns being identical between them ALL (same block, diff internal machining for disp). L-engine is an evolution of the Mazda F-engine (circa 1983-1998) which ranged in size from 1.6L to 2.2L). In fact, the old iron F-engine block is still being used to this day as Mazda's diesel R-engine (2.2L sharing the exact same bore/stroke/rod length as the F2 2.2L, same block).

Yes, the same block has been doing double duty as petrol F- and diesel R- since 1983! tig1, if you read this, that means that your old 2.0L Diesel Tempo's engine block is still in production today! And was the basis for the L-engine/Duratec 4cyl! """"""

anyone think thats true? because my findings arent matching up with this...

I want to fit a Ford 2.4 TDDi engine (duratorque) into my B2500 instead of the WL-T engine, this shares the bell housing pattern of duratec petrol and TDCi engines aswel... and if the above post was true that would mean I should be able to pinch the bell housing off any other vehicle that had F petrol or R diesel along with this removeable bell housing gearbox combination...

google images says otherwise...

Anyone have any wizdom? been at this weeks now and its doing my nut in.

That post would suggest later F coded engines with fuel injection (FE) like the FE3 engine has the same block bell housing pattern as the L series engines... has anyone messed with Duratecs and FE engines and know of any patterns that match which might help join more dots?
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