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Best performance tire & wheel combo for cheap

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Best performance tire & wheel combo for cheap?

What would be the best 'affordable' tire and wheel combo for a NA LX? Tirerack has the Kosei k1s for $129, and tires to fit would be 205/55/15. Then there's the question of 16 inch wheels with 205/50/16. What wheels would be nice, light, strong, and affordable? Would the weight savings with the 15 inch wheels be negated when the 55 series tires collapse under hard lateral acceleration/cornering? Or would the extra speed that one can carry through the corners with the 205/50/16 be worth the possible decrease in acceleration due to more weight/increased rotational mass? This would be for a daily driver and monthly autocross car, so I can't be using 205/50/15 and the sort.

p.s. Why don't the 16x7.5 kosei K1s fit on our car? Too wide? Wrong offset? For $159?, and 15 pounds, that's a pretty good buy. At least as far as I know.
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Keep in mind that tires themselves are quite heavy when considering wheel size. Because there is more rubber on the 15" wheel, the wheel itself will be lighter than the 16" but the tire is heavier. IMO you're better off upgrading to the 16" size and getting the handling benefits especially if you're considering a light weight wheel like the Kosei K1 where the difference in weight between 15" and 16" is minimal.

Don't know if there is any fitment problem but I considered the Kosei K1 back when I was looking at wheels. I ultimately rejected them because of the offset (which is important for handling and tracking too).

If I may suggest something, take a look at the 5Zigen Fighters at If I remember right they weigh in at around 15lbs for 16" and have a perfect 42mm offset for our cars. I've had 'em for 2 summers now and I'm pretty happy. In between the spokes can be a little hard to clean but not too bad and they are powdercoated so they will chip if you're not careful. The price is right though. Click on my sig to see how they look.
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About the difference in tire weight, I thought the same way too, until I called up tirerack and asked about weights for different tire sizes. Using the ES100s as the reference, turns out there isn't a difference between the 16 and 15 inch tires. Differences only come with width (say195 vs 205). Interesting eh? Perhaps the lower profile tires have more layers of steel? I dunno.

So what was wrong with the offset of the k1s? and yeah, discounttire is good, but they charge an arm and a leg for shipping to Hawaii. So do most places, which kinda been limiting me to tirerack. Somehow they get decent shipping rates. But sweeeeeet car dude.:D
If it's true about the tire weight, it's interesting indeed. I would still go with the 16" for the handling and looks. Besides, those wheels should still be lighter than stock right? How bad can that be? Tire Rack doesn't list the 16" K1 for our cars. I think I remember those being 7.5" wide and available with different offsets, the closest being either 38mm or 45mm (not certain about those though). I wanted a 7" wheel with an offset as close to 42mm as possible, that's all. I've never seen a 1st gen with K1's but if you decide on those, I would call ahead and ask if they might have fitment problems.
I don't know what the stock wheel (14x5.5 alloy) weight is. I'm assuming it would be heavier than aftermarket rims.
Now here's a thought. If both 15 and 16 wheel combos weigh the same, but in general the tires (~20 lbs.) are heavier than the wheels(~13-15 lbs), wouldn't having 16 inch wheels move the weight further from the rotational axis, and therefore increase rotational inertia? I don't have a turbo, and this WILL make a difference.
Nice wheels 2Rusty ... do you mind if I buy the same wheels ....joking... too expensive :(
As for cheap yet really sticky and good tires go with Khumos (spelling??)
Anyone tried Rota Slipstreams? Are the weights claimed true? and what about strength?
mx6GT91 said:
As for cheap yet really sticky and good tires go with Khumos (spelling??)
Believe that!!
[email][email protected][/email] said:
Anyone tried Rota Slipstreams? Are the weights claimed true? and what about strength?
yes, any rota rim is gonna be a very good rim, im planning on buying a set for my project when its done, 11 pounds. .....droool....
The K1s are 7 inches in width but weigh 13.5 pounds. The Slipstreams are 6.5 in width but weigh 11.8 pounds. Now, I know that the wider the rims, the less the tire sidewall will squirm under pressure. However, it is heavier. So what do you guys think eh? has new slipstreams in 15x7 size weighing in at 13 pounds, but right now it's only 4x100 lug pattern. Drats.
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