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Hi, selling some intercoolers I have in the garage to get cash & space for FE3 MX5 project. They are all second hand, but in good condition. Some have end pipes on them, some have no end pipes, but I could arrange fitting of outlets if someone was interested. They are proper performance track cores (rated at >45psi!!!) imported from the USA & japan. Tube & fin for extremely low loss, good heat transfer. Good quailty, cast end tanks (for easy fabrication), not the cheap pressed/folded end tank crap that the importers want $$$ for.

2 @ 850 wide, 70 thick (core dimenssions).
One is 390 high, with toatl width including tanks 1100.
One is 400 high, with total width including tanks 925mm

2 @ 900 wide, 50 thick (core dims).
one is 400 high,, 1020 wide including end tanks (with oval outlets)
one is 370 high, about 980 wide including end tanks

I'm asking $550ono each for the above cores

2 @650 wide, 70 thick (core dims)
one is 300 high, 750 wide including tanks
one is 380 high, 920 wide including tanks & top oval outlets

Asking $650ono each for the 2 cores above.

Can send some pics, but no dreamers/time wasters please...if you're serious about some high-performance intercooling, drop me a PM to discuss, and i can send you some pics, discuss what end outlets you may require, etc. I have TIG, and some outlets, so might be able to work something out. If you're willing to play around with your car and get your hands dirty, these are a great buy. If you want an intercooler bolt on for xxx car, go to a speed shop!!

Would prefer local melb/vic...hard to ship I/C cores...but i have a ute, so could deliver. I'm in Melb, but soon moving to geelong (at Xmas).

PM if seriously interested, we could talk a deal...must go!

(Would be interested in part/full trade for FE3 DOHC engines/bits and 2.2 [email protected] crank & flywheel & clutch!!!!)



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I know this is an old thread, but I am shopping for a front mount intercooler at the moment. If you still have any of these, let me know. We can see if there is something to suit me.

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