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Hey Import

lemme know how much of a difference you feel with the worked turbo with the boost turned down to 12,, and the port and polish!!...

I would be up for some mods like that .. clean non motor mods that make a difference...

The intercooler is so noticeable when you get on it and it heats up...

I will lose power after about a 10 second full power run in third and forth...

now if i let the intercooler cool down for awhile at high speed with no boost, then i hit it again and all my power comes back again... So I bet you the intercooler upgrade would be a very wise decision based on the right price....

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intercooler cooler

I'll probly get the SAAB but I still dont know how much bigger it is compared to the factory one. I'm going to fool around with my water squirters on my hood, run the lines to spray infront of the intercooler. Ive seen real fast cars that spry NOS on their intercoolers like Ed Bergenholtz, so I figure it should help some. I'll probly put some ice cubes in the water reserve. The Subaru Imprezas come with water sprayers for their intercoolers, from the factory. I'll post something if I feel or see any difference, later.
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