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I have 1993 Ford Probe GT since 2018 and now that I have finished repairs and maintanence that this car was so desperately missing it´s time to get some more power out of it!
The engine has 270k Km, but seems to be in good condition. It was burning a bit oil when going over bumps, that was fixed with new valve cover gaskets.
Just recently (After new gaskets) the hydraulic lifters started to make nasty noise.

So far, my car is "almost" bone stock in regards to engine. (I think)
What I have, waiting to be put on the car once it´s bit warmer out there (Im from Europe):
K&N air filter with Cold Air intake
Stainless steel headers (V6 turbo headers from Ebay)
2nd throttle body that´s going to be bored to 64mm (Or should I go 65?)

What I would like to know:
Porting intake manifold and heads.
I have a DE engine (With bigger exhaust and bigger air intake and throttle body). Buying ZE manifold is out of question because of price and too much work with different VRIS and no EGR valve.
What I understand is that only thing that I have left is bigger intake ports and heads.
How dangerous or difficult this job is?
What should I say to the machine shop that I want to do?
Will I gain significant performance boost while doing this combined with other mods? (5 or more Hp)
I am ok with porting the manifold as it can be removed and given to the shop, but Im affraid of the engine head porting as it would take lots of disassembling (?) and it´s making change to the structure of the engine.

Best exhaust in terms of Power -> Sound -> Ecology
What I understand about exhausts: There is manifold (Stainless steel now), catalytic convertor (Unfortunately required by laws. I would like to know how would for example Magnaflow free flowing catalytic converetor for $150 USD from Ebay affect sound and performance), pipe and end piece, which is where you mainly modulate the sound. (Which end piece with 2 tips would you recommend for best performance with deep sound, with bigger throttle body, CAI and ported intake mani in mind?)

Bonus questions!
Price of new Oxygen sensor - Is $35 good price? Will it get me good sensor?

Why is my car not starting?
I have 1993 and sometimes I start right away, sometimes I don´t. It doesn´t matter if it´s a cold start or warm start, but it is true that the colder it is outside, the longer the waiting period before starting for the first time is and the no start scenario is more frequent.
Most of the time I hear relays click.
I turn the key to "ON", let it beep, then turn the key and sometimes I start, sometimes I hear *CLICK* and sometimes I don´t hear anything.
Once I start there is no random cutoffs, or loss of power.

I was thinking it might be crankshaft position sensors?
Are the ones in Distributor and in the engine block same? (They are not that expensive if they are the same, only like $17 each, so if I replace both I should be good?)

Will I get to 190 hp ?
I know that this is hard to say and depends on lots of stuff, but what do you think? CAI + 64mm throttle body + ported intake mani and heads + stainless steel headers + freeflowing Cat might get me to 185 - 190 hp?

I think that this is all, thank you all very much for any and every response!

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This might be an unpopular response but I would not mess with the engine for 5-10 hp. These are sweet running engines stock and I would appreciate reliability in an older vehicle like these over any max-rpm hp gain.
I would try to get it to start repeatedly before worrying about performance mods.

That will be 2 cents please.
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