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Well As we know there have been both Black Mx-6s made by mazda and I 've seen both series.
{Turn on Rod's story time}
Their is currently a 1st Gen blck in my area couple streets away some wheels but looks fairly stock saw no GT-X or GT-R marks but I think I spoted a rear wiper.
Look alright. If it wasn't for the way the neighbour hoods sort of organized I get out and have closer look but, due to who I know I'm not very welcome in that area well, not major it's just a certain father to a certain girl.

Anyway more important to the 2nd gens

HOOO NICE Yeah. Mates work shop had a 2nd Gen Black J-spec 2.5i-V6 import. 4WS power windows switch gone.

It was in Black very sexy [ Made my **** itch ] dropped on some ROH 18 X 8.5 inch smoked color rims the nice 10 spoke but in that 5 star design real nice. Rubber was stupid but 215 hardly fitted on the rims.
Okay for you dies hards it had Auto ? no surprise.
Climate control but series 1 interier. The full dimister on the rear glass. Very dark black Jap Tint. KLZE - yes I know what one looks like.
Features I liked. Scuf plates on dorr entry were metal with a champain crome finish worked well with black.
Similar to say red heels on long legs in black stockings.
Momo tiller looked almost factory only in that I know it was not and it was Jap-tiller, as the good old boss kit had what looked like HKS marks? never knew they made steering wheels bosses.
It had the optional to my understanding lower front lip and it made it look killer with the one peices head lights.
The look in Black was well sweeter then Delta's aperance but with that hint of Hollys naughty attitude.

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ive only ever seen two black mx6s, and i see them on a regular basis.

there is a 1st gen who lives around the corner from my friend - its defently an import, its got the reverse tails and looks stock as a rock.. i must say that it looks pretty crap, theres something about it that just doesnt seem right, it doesnt look sporty at all (even though its an mx6, not a 626).

then theres the sexy 2nd gen which has been sitting outside a mazda wrecker (where i got my gearbox from) for what seems like forever.. ive never seen it move, but its always so clean and shiny. even though it looks stockish, i think its my favourite 2nd gen ive ever seen, i usually love black cars.

if u melbourne people wanna know where u can see the car, its on mcintyre road, just after the corner of furlong.. (in sunshine) its at J&Z wreckers I THINK
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