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black/tan Interior

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i wanted to do this for some time now paint all the pannels black
leave the leather tan parts as is and get a new black carpet just woundering has anyone done this if so id like to see some pics
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yeah ive sorta done this, altho i painted everything even the tan leather parts. u can see my pics at the website below. oh and about the carpet, it's all one piece. u have to get the front and the back at once. they have them at
omg your interior looks wicked how well is the paint holding up to the leather pannels ?

lol out cars look almost the same to
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damn i hope i dont see what i think i see in that pic
the second one hasits nice rims on and i see snow on the grass please dont tell me u submit ur rms to the winter months

the paint is actually soaked in and bonded to the leather. i put on really really really thin coats and let it bake in the hot July sun all day long so that when i put it back in the car, it wasnt even sticky or anything. it looks and feels like it came from the factory like that
Does anyone know where you could get a black headliner too? I was thinking the same thing - Taking all the dark brown parts and painting them black, but then I'd have tan leather seats :(
you'd need new front seats if u want them to match, but there's a guy on here...ill post his name and stuff in the next post...he has a totally finished interior and he just had to put on a new headliner that he made himself outta vinyl because no company makes one for our cars. after that, he said he just got the rear seats and stuff reupholstered. theres just no other way...:(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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