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Alright, so in the process of installing my turbo, the guy that did it didnt put an oil line on very tight so you can guess what happened about 10 min into the ride. anyways i'm getting a new motor to transplant into my baby and heres what i need help with. i'm going to put the turbo back on and before i go putting the motor in i want to do as much of the engine stuff as i can.

so basically i'm looking for the stuff at this point that will be easier to do before i put the new motor in. i.e forged pistons, bore, that kinda stuff. i'm not very knowledgable with motor internals so i figured i'd turn to you guys. other than that if anyone knows if there are perf. fuel rails for the i4 that would be great as well.

also its for the i-4

Thnx for looking, any help would be appreciated
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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