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i have a blinking rear brake light on mah-dashboard, I don't have any burned out light bulbs.. so what is mah-problem, problem starts when i put on the brake, the light comes on.then turns off when i let go, also when i have the headlamps on and i push on the brakes... there's no light so what tha hell is mahproblem... thanks guys..
i work at a mazda dealer, so tha part should be easy to get i just need to know what wrong... :(

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is it the light marked "rear" or is it "(!) BRAKE"

if its "(!) BRAKE" do like xeon said....

if its "rear" then u do have a bulb burnt out. there are 2 bulbs in each tail light, and its hard to tell if one is burnt out. look again and if u still cant tell which one it is, then pull off each tail light, and check the bulbs individually.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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