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blitz blow off valve. Any takers?

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i bought this from a member on this board and come to the conclusion that i might not want this anymore. I wanna stick with the stock bypass for now and recirculate my air. It sounds pretty damn sweet though. These retail for 200+ dollars and it comes already welded to a pipe ready to bolt on! Not sure how much i want to let it go for but shoot me some offers over pm.

hahah i even reused my paper....its fun being cheap...

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and just for the record.....this will be on ebay in a few days if nobody shows interest here:)
i give you 20 $ for it. if it's too low give me a price
lol 20 dollars? nice try buddy.
im not taking over a 100 dollar loss on this. Its not an ebay knock off. this is a name brand.
give me a price .... you sell that or no ??? what it's the price you have sell it on ebay ??
115 shipped priority.
This was my BoV and it is in great shape. Blitz DD and retails for 200 new without the piping that cost me another 25 to have made.
Blitz Super-Sound Blow-Off Valve
Universal Blow Off Valve [70039] - $220.00 : Blitz, Power Site
115 shipped is a steal! stock spring on it will adjust up to 18psi and there is an upgrade spring avail from Blitz for 25psi.
direct bolt on to the stock location too!

sounds like this on a lude
YouTube - Blitz DD Blow Off Valve
115 $ shipped for canada postal code g0a 2r0 ?? come with pipe ?
im not sure how priority works when shipping to canada or whatever because i have never sent anything there before. Ill see how much shipping is and we will go from there.

its telling me your zipcode doesnt exist.....did you type it right?
yes it's the right code g0a 2r0 (G zero A two R zero)
how about we just say 125 shipped because its looking like shipping is going to be 10-15 bucks if i did it right? I can ship it this friday on my day off from work. Ill get you a proof of shipping and let you know the exact price of it. Send me a pm with your address and all the info i would need if interested.
115 shipped anywhere in the U.S.! I need the money to buy my winter beater mx3!
if i had the cash ill take it. :(
i wanna keep it but at the same time i need the money. It sucks haha
i dont i said i have seen these 200-230 brand new. 115 including shipping is a pretty good deal, meaning you are actually only paying about 105 bucks for the product itself. Hell i just might reinstall it then lol. I love the sound but its not good if you wanna race someone. But it only takes 2 mins to install or reinstall it.
i would buy it back from you but I need 2.5" piping.
this is a great price guys. if i didnt already have one of these, 2 HKS SSQV and a Forge diverter laying around i'd be all over this.
haha i also have a forge diverter......not sure if i want to sell it yet or not.

if worse comes to worse ill just by a fitting for the blitz bov so i can recirculate the air. Anything is better than the stock bypass valve.
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