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someone here must know a bussines that carries mx6 kits,
..please u gotta help me im going insaNE!!

he who is on an ongoing search
that is taking over my life

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All I have seen in syndey is: Sydney Special Vehicles in Ryde (I think) they sell the rear spoilers for the Generation 1 mx-6, but not much else :(

I've been looking around for side skirts and a front splitter, but there doesn't appear to be much around...

Does anyone know where I can get a Short shift kit from in Sydney? I've seen a mx-6 with one, but I have no idea who sells them..

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sydney,... always sydney.. GGrrr

thanks for the post,
I have actually found a place in Sydney that says the can supply the full veilside/Erebuni kit and seem like a decent Mob, but they have been stuffin around for the last month. admitadly they opened again on mid Jan, but they keep needing to be chased just for simple corispondance.....

when they get it together i will post their details,..
cause i don't want people runnin back to me with the whining!!

but i spoze anyone that can't wait and is interested contact me as more orders may lead to more effet on their behalf...

i'm not bagging them, just a lil' disapointed so far.
but i am an anxious bastard. ;)
we shall see..
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