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Hey bros, just wondering what kind of boost controllers and aftermarket chips do you guys use and recommend and the $$$. Im considering a turbosmart model. Im not suppose to raise the boost, but i dont give a F***, i feel the need for speed. I need to see if i can hang with my mates 2lt turbo 180sx.
Also any mx6 owners in Melbourne, there is going to be a huge gathering of performance cars(imports,rotaries,4's,6's,8's)on friday night Dec 1, about 9pm at Knox shopping centre(rear carpark near Rebel SPort) 400 cars are expected. I've attended a past event at The Glen, and its an amazing atmosphere checking out all the rides in the carpark and when all the 200+ performace cars just cruise together down the road. The police scanner must of went crazy.:)

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I use a grainger valve. Which is cheap and highly accurate. I paid about $30 USD for mine, but you supposedly can make one yourself for a lot cheaper. I dont know how though. Go to if you wanna check it out. I also have a picture of it and a detailed description on how it works on my website under "mods".
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