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Another Boost Gauge Install….

Purchased an Autometer Carbon Fiber vac/boost gauge with pod off Ebay. Paid $32 with shipping not a bad deal, plus the CF is good for another 10 horsepower!

Anyways, the gauge was used and did not come with the install kit. I read the others who ran a rubber vacuum line outside of the nylon line but I wanted another solution, mostly because it did not come with any nylon line. Here is my install:

1) Ran down to my local plumbing store and found this wonderful little piece:

This piece threads onto the male threads of the gauge but allows you to run the rubber line directly to the gauge. The fitting cost me $2 and another $2 for a brass T-fitting.

2) Wrap the gauge threads with Teflon tape and thread the fitting on.

3) Now let’s get to work. Dive under your dash and remove the lower black cover and the bottom steering wheel section of the dash. We need these out of the way to access the vacuum line hole and to connect to a night time light.

4) Open up the hood and find the plug that is below and to the right of the clutch fluid reservoir. Remove the plug and shove a screwdriver through the hole into the interior. This will push out the insulation plug that is in the firewall.

5) Now we need to mark the location the gauge will be installed. Take your gauge install it into the pod and find a nice spot for it. Mark the spot on the pillar.

6) Remove your pillar; it has little metal clips that have to pop out. There is also one screw that must be removed at the top of the windshield.

7) With your pillar removed, drill the two holes needed for your pod and attach the pod without the gauge using a couple bolts with lock-washers and nuts. WARNING: The threads cannot stick way out past the nut. If they do file the bolt threads down to the nut. If you don’t do this the pillar will not install flush.

8) Thread your rubber 1/8” I.D. vacuum line (buy around 6 feet to be safe) through the top of the dash where the pillar sticks in, into the hole you poked through earlier, and then all the excess into the engine bay. Attach it to the gauge at the dash end.

9) Go under your hood and run the vacuum line to an appropriate vacuum point. I used a T-fitting and tapped off the top vacuum line on the back side of the throttle body. It’s right next to the brake booster line and above the green dashed line.

10) Attach your night light wiring. I had to add wire since the gauge was from a previous install. Attach the new wiring, around 3 feet, to the gauge and thread the wiring through the same area the vacuum line is. I spliced it into the light bulb at the top of the A.A.S switch.

11) Now test this thing out before we button it up. Turn your headlights on, make sure your gauge illuminates. Crank the motor and make sure your can see vacuum. You probably won’t see boost since you're not loading the motor.

12) Re-install your pillar now, dash end first. Click all the clips into place, tighten the screw above the windshield.

13) Install the gauge into the pod and tighten it up.

14) Zip-Tie your vacuum and electrical lines so they can't fall onto your feet.

15) Put your black pan and lower dash into place and tighten things up.

There you go all done, take it for a ride and enjoy!

A/F Meter DIY coming soon, 10 LED setup with lean out alarm,night dimming. and closed loop indicator for about $30

If an admin could host these pics it would be better long term.


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Likin the pods. Better than the conventional a-pillar ones.
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