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I have a 89' MX6 turbo. I installed a boost controller and only raised the boost 2lbs, and the car seemed to run fine. Later that night i set my bypass valve to purge to aphmosphere, The idle got all hosed up. That was the start of my problems, than i set the bypass valve back to the vaccume side of the intake. The idle got all hosed up, than the next day the boost would kick in at 2500rpms than cut out at 4100, than i would get massive boost surge at 5000 to 6000rpms. The only problem that still bothers me is that i am constantly spiking to 15lbs. I think that it could be the EGR valve or crank position senser. Can anyone please help me?

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I was with and your boost didn't fluctuate. Doesn't feel like a boost problem at all. If the boost fluctuated, you'd be getting boost surge from the waste gate suddenly closing from a loss of vacuum in the waste gate actuator line. I seriously think you're crank position sensor #2 is the problem. Get it fixed.
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