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i know i know, front end masks are bad for your paint. I knew it would. But, the paint on my 93 was sooo faded in certain spots that I figured I'd get a paint job soon. I also think it made it look a little sportier.

almost 2 years later, (same paint ) I removed the LeBra to find a nasty reminder of what these things will do if not properly maintained. lesson learned.

it left a nice mark across the hood and a 'square' area where a trailer hitch from some soccer mom's caravan probably bumped into the nose of mine and tatooed it.

It does seem to have protected the paint to an extent. The rest of the hood is sunfaded and aged. If my fiance and I weren't paying for out wedding&reception, I'd have a glossy red mx-6 this summer. oh well. maybe next summer...
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