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Brake light and squeak

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Hi all

I'm getting a squeak on the brakes and the brake light ont he instrument cluster comes on.

I take it this means I need new brake pads?

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Could be low fluid for the light.. but check the pads asap..
usually it's more of a squealing noise, that will eventually turn to a grating noise if you don't change the pads soon enough.

If your pads are worn the fluid level will have dropped.
Check (and change) the pads BEFORE topping up otherwise when you change them you'll get brake fluid all over the place when it overflows. ;)
Thx guys

Brakes on order.

Check the pads manually first - our resevoirs are notoriously sensitive and tend to show a warning light long before the pads are dead.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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