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Brake master cylinder?

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Ok when I press my brakes hard the brake pedal will go to the floor, feels like jelly, but when I tap on the brakes its fine. Im thinking this might be the master cylinder?? or could it be that I need to bleed my brakes? ( I have a leaking rear caliper)
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sounds like the rings in the master cylinder are gone..i.e. letting the fluid pass without it applying the force to the rings which causes the car to stop...

i dont think u will see any leak from this...but i could be the way a new master cylinder is about $800 for our cars imported from japan hehe
yeah they are expensive to fix ... but with somethin as important as brakes...i would take it to a brake specialist..

thats what i did...and the problem ended up being nothing more than some air in the he bled it for me and refilled
= $50

goodluck mate :)
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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