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Brake master cylinder?

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Ok when I press my brakes hard the brake pedal will go to the floor, feels like jelly, but when I tap on the brakes its fine. Im thinking this might be the master cylinder?? or could it be that I need to bleed my brakes? ( I have a leaking rear caliper)
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When you pump the brakes at a stand still, does the pressure build up and up and up?

And then when you hold the pressure, does it gradually squeeze down the pedal, or hold it??

It could be the things you mention, could also be a booster issue.

It would certainly point to the master cylinder.

Check for leaks quickly around the bleed nipples of all your calipers. Then check for leaks around your master cylinder.

But I'd say more likely master cylinder. No need to buy a new one, just have yours fitted with new seals from a brake place, and it MAY nee re-sleaving too?

Let us know how it goes.

A seal kit costs around $80-100.

Where can you buy a new master cylinder for that much?

Fair call....

I wasn't aware that a new master cylinder could be had for as little as $165 or even $200.

My understanding was $500+

Which for a 2nd gen, I'd still say is about right, unless there is a similar alternative to what you used?

That wasn't genuine Mazda right, what brand is that?

Yeah what they said is should reco both.

Good to hear it's not master cylinder. Althought the caliper reco could run you up some $$$ too.
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