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who's pads are the best

  • KVR

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • greenstuff/redstuff

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • metal masters

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • other (please note in a reply)

    Votes: 3 30.0%

brake pads,who's best

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who makes the best performing brake pads on the market?
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I love my KVR's. They do take a while to warm up, but on the track they seem to work the best
I vote Green/Red pads for their good wear and excellent performance. The Greens are more than anybody should really need and the Reds are excellent for track use.
Except that you go through a Greenstuff pad twice as fast as a regular brake pad.

I have axxis metal masters....a bit of brake dust, other than that, not bad.
FlySwat said:
Except that you go through a Greenstuff pad twice as fast as a regular brake.
Street use 10-20K miles is common. It depends a LOT on how you drive and slotted rotors will reduce this life time.
I would recommend Mazda OEM or Wagner Thermo-Quiet pads.
I have Wagners right now, whats the price of the OEM? what about Green Stuff? and are the Green Stuff MX6 specific?
SixSick6 said:
are the Green Stuff MX6 specific?
No, green stuff makes pads for most cars.

Green stuff is more of a street pad, red stuff is a track pad. I've heard that it takes 3-4 good runs down a track before the red stuff pads even got hot enough to start to grab.
I am using a combination of EBC greenstuff and Axxis/Repco metal matrix. The bite of the EBCs are nice, the wear is a bit much when used in hard conditions. The wear on the metal matrix is neglegable but bite seems to be low. Am planning to try Porterfields next.

The axxis pads are nice, decent bite for the street/track, nothing serious but thats all I needed. I've had them on for almost a year and they seem to have a good amount of life left.
I'm using VGX Ceramics and they are quiet. Finally. They stop pretty good too.
Green Stuff is great on stock rotors BUT it wears too quickly. My KVR's and the Red Stuff are great pads BUT only when they're warmed-up (that's why you buy slotted rotors for). The stock pads suck IMHO.

I'm going to say it depends on your needs/wants. I think that the Red's and the KVR's are great upgrades from stock and are excellent for track use.
red stuff is over 100 bucks and you have to wait 3 weeks . next time i buy rotors they won't be slotted . you just can't clean your wheels fast enough . good thing about green stuff is that sh!t comes off easy... :cool:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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