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Okay, I am very new to this part of cars. I'll admit, I only jumped on the bandwagon when I saw Fast&Furious...don't hold that against me! :)

I have a 1990 MX6 GT that I would like to see if I could find body/performance mods for that would be easy enough for end user installation. I've looked a bit around and couldn't find a place that offers a good selection. I'm not sure because the car isn't easily mod-able or maybe its too old.

So, I am open to suggestions. Thanks!

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Our cars are old but they are supported by a lot of aftermarket products and mods to install and enjoy. Yes, they do respond very well too. Just keep digging within the site. Eventually you will find whatever you are looking for. To start try my favorite place.

They are Mazda/Ford performance exclusively. No BS and prices are pretty good. Happy hunting.
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