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breaking 93 mx6 blue automatic

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as in the title

many parts avalible
parts that have gone
bonnet, rear spoiler ,engine rest is all there
still have gear box and drive shafts just block gone

let me know if you need anything
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hi mate after headlights if you still have them, can you give me a price. thanx.
hi mate lookin for air induction kit, exhaust and drivers side window switchs could you give me a price please thanks
hi m8 i'm after rear struts if available:help:
seller seems to have disappeared, doesnt answer pm's??
Jspec? or Espec?
all pm`s answered

the 6 is a espec
any news on rear struts ?
you looking for suspension or boot lid

boot ones are knackered and the suspension aint good either
wanted suspension but if there not good i'l look else where. thanks anyway
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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