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Allright, now this is in no way shape or form an ACTUAL FIX for a broken control arm/endlink bushing cupholder, but it will work in a pinch untill you can A) buy a new control arm or B) get your existing control arm fixed via welding. Provided of course that your control arm endlink bushing cupholder isnt in that bad of shape, mine wasnt. What I mean by control arm endlink bushing cupholder is, exactly what I mean...the small cup/bowl on top of the control arm that holds the second to lowest endlink bushing.

The cupholder sometimes gives due to stress/oldage. The control arm itself is one piece, and the cupholder is welded on from the factory. When you add something like polyeurethane suspension bushings, any old welds or weak spots might start to give due to the new added strength and superiority of polyeurethane over stock rubber (probably dry rotted) bushings. I noticed today when I installed 24mm front sway bar bushings and brackets from Energy Suspension. I have had poly front and rear endlinks and rear sway bar bushings from Energy Suspension for about a year now, but never installed the front sway bar bushings and brackets.

Anyways, I noticed that the passenger side seemed to have a small crack around the bottom section of the cupholder/cuff. I wasnt sure if it was an actual crack, or just the way it looked. I checked the drivers side, it didnt look like the passenger side ...........[shizzle].

I cleaned all the dirt and grease from the cupholder and sure enough, I could see the very bottom endlink bushing shining through (Energy Bushings are RED). So being that it is a weekend and tommorrow is a holiday, I can't get it welded, and don't have time to go to the junkies for a new control arm. So I decided on a quick fix due to the fact that it is only a small crack...but what to fix it with?

Off to Home Depot :lol:

I found my answer in the carpentry section, an 8 inch x 8 inch angle tie with 5/16 holes (which are what the Energy Suspension endlink bolts are) sku number 044315049002 (you can probably ask them to type in the sku, and they will be able to show you where it's at) The angle tie is used to tie two pieces of wood in a 90 degree angle, it has three 5/16 holes on each section (an L shape) but I only needed one hole and some extra metal for support. Basically what you do is cut part of the metal, the section I chose was the outer portion which contains one bolt hole and leaves about and inch and a half of metal on each side.

It should be enough to support a broken/hairline...(I stress hairline) crack of the endlink cupholder from underneath. If you look at the bottom of your control arm, you'll notice that the hole on the underside is a pretty larger diameter..this is enough room to slide the bracket in length wise and hopefully stop the control arm from fracturing further, or untill you can get it fixed.

I decided since my passenger side had cracked, maybe my drivers side isnt far away. I decided to also make a bracket for the drivers side as well with the other side of the angle tie

EDIT: once again, this in no way shape or form an actual fix.

here is the picture:

sorry it's only hand drawn

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