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I recently had my powerwindow butten brake.. this is a bitch.. dealer price for a new one is $157 in rhode island.. finding one at a junk yard is like finding god. impossible!!!

so i thought i would have to fork over the money and pay.. any of you that smoke, know how much it would suck not to have your drivers side window down. I tried to fix it myself.
pull out the butten. tweezers work great. there will be 2 holes inside the button. pull out the little plastic stick and spring... cut a coat hanger.(straight piece, to about an inch. tape the stick with tape until it fits snuggly in the left most hole. then position deep in there so it goas straight through where the plastic stick went...
then just jam that butten back in place... you'll loose the auto window drop. and it wont be very smooth... but hey its not 157 dollars...

any questions on how to do this ask me!
i'd be glad to help
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