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someone in a later tread stated he had a brullen muff. with 2 1/2 piping. i wanted to look into brullen but can't find a site. is there one? any other resources or opinions on this muffler? how much do they run, and where could i get one? well thanks


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i have a brullen exhuast on my mx-6 ls and it is ****ing mint, i have had so many people say it is the best sounding exhuast they have ever heard, all in one muffler and tip with 5 1/2 inch tip,it is so deep and smooth, i recomend it, try

94 ls
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brullen exhuast
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I just typed in and it went right to the site. They also have a full cat-back system available for the mx6, which I had never heard of. Nice looking stuff.
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