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Don't live in North America anymore and car's gotta go. Very sad day indeed. Details:
-220,800KM on the clock but ~120,000KM on KLZE engine in great shape
-Not winter driven in 10 years and in storage for the last 6 years (now on the road)
-No rust. Seriously.
-Pics of the awesome interior:

-KLZE engine, 200HP (stock engine was 160HP)
-Hotshot Cold Air Intake with K&N filter
-Aftemarket Fuel Pressure Regular
-High Performance 9mm iridium ignition wires
-Professionally enlarged throttle body
-Hotshot stainless steel headers
-Magnaflow 2.5" stainless steel catback exhaust & hi-flow catalytic converter
-Stabilized engine mounts

-Tokico HP shocks (struts)
-APEX lowering springs
-Rear strut bar
-Short throw shifter and stabilizer bushings

-Pioneer CD/MP3/USB deck with graphics
-Optima deep cycle battery

-Perfect black leather interior and dash
-Custom shift leather boot & storage console wrap
-Mazda 6 chrome & leather shift knob
-Angel eyes headlights
-Altezza rear lights with multi-LED bulbs

The car comes with a load of uninstalled extra parts, including:
-Very rare Style 44 body kit
-Panther37 custom indiglo instrument cluster overlays (
-OEM aluminum MX-6 door sills
-OEM brand new MX-6 floor mats
-Custom retrofitted JSPEC headlights with Mazda6 projectors & HID
-Rear seat cushions
-Interior dash, storage unit
-An entire right side door
-Subwoofers and amp
(more but I have to check)

-Clutch needs to be replaced
-As of right now, tires need to be replaced (will update if we change them)
-Slight cut on the front bumper, passenger side (see pic)

I'd much rather have this car go to someone in the community than some schmuck giving it to their 16 kid as a first car, so I'll give it up for $3,500 with all the parts or $3,000 without the parts (as is).

Email me at [email protected] with questions, since I don't ever come on here.


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