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Bull on Steriods... and lots of them

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Sometimes when you think it doesn't get any crazier, you get a rude awakening and get confronted with a car like you see in the picture. I would be very happy with 500hp but the owner of this Gallardo must have thought that wasn't enough. He asked Underground Racing if they could assist him in the search of more horsepower.

With the help of two turbo's they managed to extract 1025hp out of the engine. You know, I'm not even amazed by that number, I'm more in awe when I look at the fabrication of the entire exhaust system. There's not a whole lot of room to begin with but they have pulled it of flawlessly.

^ Apparently, EVERYTHING including all the engine work was about $60k.
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It takes me to a .gif picture... :tdown:
didnt work for me either. i ended up finding it. whatever he raced was just as fast, looked kinda like a supra
i opened this link expecting to see this

Everywhere I read about that Gallardo says it's very reliable, which I guess isn't that hard to believe. It's 1/4 mile time of [email protected] 155 makes it faster than the Veyron, and they do stem from the same parent company. Kinda scary to think what these guys would do if they got their hands on a Veyron with 6 extra cylinders and two extra turbos
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Right click and open in new tab, but even then you have to be registered. Please link the pics.
WTF? why that pic? I always post pics from there onto here. Okay I'll toss it onto my PB account.. here... I'll edit the first post
thats rediculous, amazing piping job like you said.
oh damn!! :eek:

so is there like a rear bumper for that or is it just the exhaust at back of the car?
i wonder how that thing does on gas..
^ The rear bumper is removed to showcase the install.

Probably not TOO bad on gas untill he punches it. Then it just drinks like water. :freak:
It is quite impressive, but I dont see an exhuast. I see an open downpipe. bet that thing is stealth.
That's amazing!
Where is this car located?
there's more than one, they made at least two or three. I've seen this green one and an orange one that trapped 155
That's amazing!
Where is this car located?
It is quite impressive, but I dont see an exhuast. I see an open downpipe. bet that thing is stealth.

There are actually two small mufflers int hat setup. those two small odonut sized bumpes in the pipe, just before they curve to exit the bumper.

theyre shorty race mufflers - loaded with small fins, and of course, the expansion principle to break up the soundwaves.. they don't do MUCH, but even just a few db is significant, and also mean the difference between passing tech, and not, if you're running in a muffled only class.
My eyes are tricking me, are those "downpipes" like conjoined twins? or did he just route them near eachother?
^ :) apparently there is a older guy with a (factory) lime green Murcielago there. He owns a pharmacy somewhere in Winnepeg, and nothing else. I've been told hes a frickin' ego maniac. Always pulling out a wads of cashs and flaunting how much money he has. In reality, if he owns ONE pharmacy, he really isn't "balla" status to much of any real degree. :rolleyes:

Regardless though... I wish that guy would get humbled. There is a guy here thats 25 like me and also owns a Murch. Only hes incredibly down to earth and humble about it :tup:
if i had one.....................

...............nevermind it would get jacked.

i have enough problems with ppl pouring soda on my car.

but wow.. beautiful piping.
thats rediculous, amazing piping job like you said.
On the car, or on the bull? :p
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