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Had my N reg MX6 2.5 V6 auto for 2yrs, great car......but
18 months ago had a severe overheat on the motorway, didn't notice temp gauge needle. Got hot enough to melt plug leads
Main dealer put it down to head gasket, and repaired under a warranty (skimming and crack testing both heads)
6 months later time for MOT (at non franchise mazda specialist)
Failed emmisions, after investigations valve oil seals were suspected and replaced (they were hard and had not been replaced at the overheat repair)+ decoke, . Total cost including other work £2K
Since then oil consumption worse 1 litre every 250 miles (Mazda say 1 litre / 1000 miles is normal)
Compression and bores look good
Garage and I are at a loss to understand what is happening
Just praying its not oil control rings
Any body any ideas

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is the engine itself clean on the outside or dirty w/ old oil? Also, if the compression is good it could be the o-rings letting oil through, but I think that would show up in the compression check too actaully. My old car overheated (it was a Mitsubishi) and the o-rings in the car went bad, but i've never had a compression check on it. Also, did you get both seals replaced? Good luck finding the problem. Respond back as to the problem if it's found. Just curious.
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