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It's been a while... Sorry I have been MIA but I have done a lot in the past little while... I am going to just rattle off everything I have done since owning the car.. makes life easier..

She currently sits at 273,000kms and running strong.. Still kicking reliably!

NGK V-Power Spark Plugs
NGK Blue Performance Wires
BWD Distributor Cap & Rotor
Short Ram w/ mangled ractive cone filter (new cai coming soon, ran over my old one LOL)
Walker Oxygen Sensors (4)
Magnaflow Muffler
OEM Catalytic Converter
EG Civic Short Throw Shifter
Tan Panels to Black Panels Interior Conversion
Tan Leather to Black Cloth Front Seat Conversion
Painted Satin Black Sunroof
Painted Flat Black Emblems
Painted Satin Black Side Mirrors
V6 Badge Delete
Custom Painted All-Red Tail Lights
JVC Head unit w/ Stock front door speakers & tweeters
PBR Front & Rear Blank Rotors
PBR/Axxis Front & Rear Pads
New OEM Shifter Bushings
New OEM Door Seal
New Exedy Slave Cylinder
Painted Black Calipers
OEM Mazdaspeed3 Shift Boot
Painted Satin Black Headliner
Yonaka Adjustable Coilovers
Custom Fitted 2006 Subaru STI Front Lip
Pyramid 300W Amp
12" Insignia Sub in Sealed Box
C-Pillar Bar
Front Upper Strut Bar
King6 19mm Rear Sway Bar
20% Tint All Around
SSAC Stainless Headers & Y-Pipe
E-Spec Headlights
MOOG Rear End Links
New Drivers Side Axle

Have a lot planned still..

Picked up another KLDE and it's being slowly built, sending off the bottom end to a machine shop over the winter, not leaking any details about that... yet.

For now... Here are some photos.. and better angles of the front lip that were requested a while ago... Sorry if the pictures are massive... Newest photos are at the bottom.

The new wheels I bought that I have been working on for the summer.. Being powder coated over the winter for next year. 17x8 +35mm offset Fast Version 5.. Fit beautifully, flushes out with the fenders.

The one corner has a zip tie, recently smoked a 20lb turtle and it ripped the lip off and cracked it on the one side, but other than the 500ft hike I had to make to find it, thank god for polyurethane.. it held up very well. Don't mistake turtles for plastic bags..

That's all for now :)

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Good boy!! ESpecs!!
Was after these headlights for 3 years, so glad I was able to finally get them... Btw, I'm a girl :p lol.

The light out put is fantastic. I'm debating HIDs because these are not the LHD version.. I don't want to take them apart to swap the projectors.. If that's even possible.

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All right, good girl then! :p

I am espec up the wazoo with full HID, low and high beam. Even prior with halogen H1's it was impressive, but HID brings a whole new glory to the especs.

I don't recommend the LHD mod, not for the faint of heart, look at my threads below for what I went through before I just decided to buy the LHD from Germany

But the bottom line is that HID is stunning with these things driving at night. Vid below of my full HID glory.

I am still sorting out the wiring to get the motorized levelers to work with the stock switch.

So ya, I've been the most buried espec guy for a while.

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Finally upgraded to HIDs. My phone for some reason makes them look like an odd colour but I assure you that they are 6k. Still need to do some adjustments, no one has flashed at me yet so that's a bonus.

Not sure if these photo's will work but.. Next will be the fog lights, they look really sad, stock and boring.


Some other new additions..
The decal says: "The Bang Bar" - Yes it's suggestive and that's exactly how it's meant to be. This is from a DC Integra.. Complete bolt on.

Got this from Ultra Racing.. It actually came from an 03 Corolla ... It just bolted right up.

There we go!

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June Photo Update :p

(You are not seeing things, one photo shows no spoiler... but it is on now :p)

.. and my little custom project I have been fiddling with for the past bit. It might be hard to tell what is going on in the photo, but basically it's dipped for now to protect the bare metal underneath.. but when i am done properly sanding and painting it.. It will be a custom boser hood :) I have wanted one for a while, so I made one.. LOL.

She passed emissions with flying colours also and I hit 288,269kms.. Just purring away... I also have stage 1 cams waiting.. ;) hehe. zoom zoom!

The body is in need of attention and I will get too that but my main goal was to get it running properly and now that emissions is out of the way, I can focus on making her look as good as she runs. In due time!

I will try to check in more often...

Over the next few days I will be...
- Fiddling with the hood, try to get things done on it..
- Installing 3k HIDs into the fog lights..
- Maybe taking the lip off because I literally have ripped my bumper off twice getting out of my driveway but I absolutely think it's hilarious... so I just put it back on. :p

Until next time!

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Ahhh perhaps I should post a photo of the completed boser hood...

Night boser

Day Boser

I have had A LOT of compliments and now people are asking me more than usual what kind of car it is. I have been told it looks like a Viper at night and I have had people yell, " SICK SILVIA!" from across parking lots, Had 240sx guys actually call it a Nissan.. - face palm - In my opinion it looks like an MX-6 still... but I do love how aggressive it makes the car look.

I haven't installed the 3k HID's into the fog lights yet because I am trying to figure out how to make them fit but I honestly believe the bulbs are too long and I need to find shorter ones, it is a universal kit but.. I cannot seem to get it in there...

The huge lip is long gone and my previous subaru lip disappeared while I was driving so I have nothing at the moment and I absolutely hate it.. but I have a certain lip in mind that I want to find and work with, perhaps it'll be on the car for the 2015 season.

On a side note:
For this upcoming long weekend, I am going crazy with maintenance. Going to do my timing belt, gaskets, etc. and drop in stage 1 cams. I already have a chipped/tuned ECU for it. I am looking forward to the gains. Wish me luck! :p
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