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does anyone know were i can get cheap bushes for the suspension . i have just spoken to mazda and have been quoted £30 for top and £75 for bottom (which comes on a metal bracket) . i am not sure if i need them yet but just in case.
p.s thanks for help so far
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hey guy's i want to replace my bushes and sway bar links how hard is the operation and how long, what tools are needed
1st Karl

Have a look through the suppliers section on the uk side m8, but i ain't sure anyone has found cheap bushes for the car, some are getting the better ones from the states.

2nd vb6

same to you, except that the rear drop link "tie bars" for the anti roll bar at the rear can be replaced with the 92/93 Nissian Micra ones around £13/14 each, front ones are Mazda parts around £53 each.

Fitting the tie bars isn't that hard couple spanners and a hacksaw (girnder) cause the bolts on the tie bars sometimes sieze on m8 :(

OK, I need new front wishbone bushes. Most factors say its dealer parts, and Mazda want me to buy a complete wishbone. Once I'd stopped laughing at the price, I managed to source the individual bushes at a local factors for about £35 for both sides (4 bushes). They also quoted me £20something for the lower balljoints (each):
J K Motor Factors (Andover) 01264 363633

You should be able to source the whole arm for around £70 m8 i did ours and paid £72 i think it was for the entire arm but if you are going to do this whichever way, then if i was you i would get myself to drop links, cause if they haven't been done recently, then you'll prob knacker them doing the wishbones, and DO NOT heat the back of the droplinks as the balljoint is incased in plastic.

I know this through experience heated it to much and did the droplink in as well, and since you are doing the front emm ready for it MAZDA part only and around £54 EACH !!!!!, bloody robbers :eek: :eek: .

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